A World Now Open for Business

Creating opportunity through trade.

Jim Barber | UPS

The following is based on a speech given by Jim Barber, president of UPS International, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Atlanta.

I have deep respect for small and mid-sized businesses and the entrepreneurs who turn on the lights in the morning, stand behind the counter all day and lock the doors at night.

I love to hear the stories about how they took that first step toward entrepreneurship. And how they picked themselves up after that inevitable first misstep.

5 Ways Trade Can Deliver for the World’s Poor

It's time to take the conversation about trade and poverty to the next level.

by Ritu Sharma | Trade and Poverty Expert

Just about every day, UPS drops something at my doorstep. As a working mom with two busy boys, my store of convenience is the world as I shop online.

As an advocate for women in living in poverty worldwide, I often wonder if the goods I’ve just received through global trade made life better for the person who made them.

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