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UPS Longitudes | Flying to New Heights

Jae Brown @ Fly Vekter

Knowledge is power. More specifically, knowledge about technology is power.

That’s why I devote my time to bringing the drone industry to as many people as possible (even in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic).

I started my business, Fly Vekter, in late 2017. Why? Because I wanted to leverage drones before they went mainstream, while I could still find a way to differentiate myself from the competition.

Materials Management: Recycling Partnerships


We believe in empowering our customers and communities to do the right thing. This means providing effortless recycling solutions at their homes or businesses, and creating a sustained impact through public education and awareness. We partner with major retailers, professional sports franchises, universities, and others who are as committed to protecting our Blue Planet as we are, and who believe in leading by example.

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