Impact Investing in the Age of Fintech and Big Data


by Reggie Stanley, president and CEO of ImpactUs 

New impact investing platform harnesses technology, social networks, and scale to help investors, institutions and their advisors invest with purpose.

Women and Millennials Drive Growth in Responsible Investing

How the Transfer of Weaith is Transforming Wall Street

by Lynne Ford, Executive Vice President, Calvert Investments

Three important trends are already changing the asset management industry, and are poised to become even more important in the coming years. First, based on their spending and earning power, women now represent a growth market bigger than those of China and India combined. This reality was identified by Kate Sayre and Michael Silverstein of the Boston Consulting Group in their article “The Female Economy.”

Self-Help Credit Union’s Green Impact Capital

Making Money & Making a Difference

[Article from the January 2016 issue of GreenMoney Journal]

Self Help Credit Union’s Green Impact Capital 

By Melissa Malkin-Weber, Sustainability Director, Self-Help Credit Union

When I finished graduate school in 1994, I wanted to build a meaningful career using my training in law and public health. More specifically, I had two major goals: to create a more sustainable planet, and to invest my money in a way that was consistent with my social justice values. Ideally, I would weave the two together.

Investing 'With' Her and Her $28 Trillion of Wealth

By 2030 Women will control 2/3 of the private wealth in the US

Invest With Her - because by 2030 Women will control 2/3 of the Private Wealth in the US

By Gloria Nelund, Chairman & CEO of TriLinc Global, LLC

Bloomberg Pays It Forward

Through Genesis awards, former NY mayor grants “ideas that would measurably better people’s lives”

‘Bluemanity’ Inspired by JetBlue Crewmembers, Their Stories, Our Core Values and Our Nonstop Passion for Inspiring Humanity

Multimedia with summary

About Bluemanity

JetBlue Airways recently unveiled its newest unique plane design, dedicated to JetBlue's 16,000 crewmembers, and emblazoned with the values they share as they go above and beyond every day inspiring humanity. The salute comes as JetBlue celebrates 15 years this month of forging a uniquely contrarian path in air travel, originating with the same values that define the airline today.

Faith and Investing - Do Money & Morals Mix?

Rediscovering the Soul of an Investment Revolution

by Mark Regier, VP of Stewardship Investing, Praxis Mutual Funds and Everence Financial

TransCanada Recognized as World Leader for Corporate Action on Climate Change

TransCanada Named to The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) 2014

TransCanada’s long-term dedication to investing in emission-less and high-efficiency energy sources, research and development (R&D) and environmental initiatives hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Fear Factor Feeds Excitement for Easter Seals

TransCanada employee Ashley Wishart braves her fear of heights for a good cause

A group of nine brave TransCanada employees dressed up in their neon best and rappelled down a 30-storey building in downtown Calgary to support individuals living with disabilities and special needs in Alberta.

During the annual Easter Seals Drop Zone event, spectators watched as many Calgarians, including some TransCanada employees, made the downward descent.


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