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Q&A with Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions, Versaic

Andy Cummings works with clients from initial demo through implementation and is responsible for ensuring that Versaic delivers solutions that meet clients’ precise needs. Andy has talked with scores of users of other packaged solutions, many of who are now Versaic clients. Below he shares his answers to some of the common questions and concerns he hears from users of those systems.

Versaic Digest: September 29 - October 3


It’s been a great couple weeks for articles about CSR, corporate giving, and more. Let’s jump right in to our picks for the standouts.

Does your company have a matching gifts program? Truist gives us four reasons why it’s a must.

Versaic Adopts Guidestar Charity Check

Versaic Grants Now Includes Top Solution for Vetting Non-Profits
Press Release

San Mateo, CA, August 4, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Versaic announced it has incorporated GuideStar Charity Check into its grants management solution, making it easier for corporations and foundations to assess non-profits applying for grants or requesting support.  GuideStar Charity Check is the only due-diligence tool that is 100% compliant with IRS requirements.

Ignite Philanthropy with In-Kind Donations

Discover how Versaic helped Fortune 500 companies succeed in this one-pager of In-Kind Superstars

Are you looking for simple, cost-effective ways to generate brand loyalty with your customers?  Have you ever wondered about the benefits of donating products or gift cards to local community groups?  Consider this.  Panera Bread is recognized as a leader in corporate philanthropy.  Among Panera’s giving programs is Day-End Dough-Nation, the company’s initiative that gets all unsold bread and baked goods into the hands of local non-profits – a retail value of approximately $100 million annually.  That’s an impressive number.  Here’s another impressive number.  One.  That stands for one pers

Tips for Super-Charging Your Philanthropy

Stay on Top of Your Game with These Six Ideas for Corporate Giving

Keeping your philanthropic edge takes work.  No sooner do you get everything figured out then here comes a curve ball.  Your budget gets cut (but not the expectations for what your team will accomplish.)  Your primary competitor steals your limelight with a new giving program in one of your focus areas.  It’s all too easy to slip behind and much harder to play catch-up.   The Versaic team hears these stories all the time!

The Automated Personal Touch

It's not actually an oxymoron!

We talk to a lot of folks who have one major concern about an online corporate giving program. They worry that once all requests are managed online, they might lose that personal touch.  Gone would be the friendly follow up call, the personal email or handwritten note.  Once the system goes online, everything is automated, is the common fear.  Depending on the solution you choose, nothing could be further from the truth.  

Act Local

Successful companies use every tool in their arsenals to accomplish their goals and build their brands

Think Global, Act Local has been applied to everything from food to the environment to education.  It’s moved from a bumper sticker slogan to a recognized concept that informs the way many organizations operate, particularly when it comes to social responsibility.  Look no further than the daily missives from Triple Pundit or Sustainable Brands to see how CSR-focused corporate missions and strategies are driving the conversation.

The New Face of Sponsorship


Versaic’s roots in sponsorship run deep.  We’ve been the engine behind sponsorship programs for some of the biggest brands, both national and regional.  What strikes us is how much the sponsorship landscape has changed.  When we first started supporting the sponsorship space, it was all about impressions in the form of seats to fill, eyeballs on content and people interacting with a brand by sampling a product, playing a game or stopping by a booth at an event.

Respond: Engage Your Stakeholders

Part 6 of a 6 part blog series on effective philanthropy program management

The time has come for the fifth and final “R” - Report.


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