ACCP 2016: Outcomes and ‘The Power of And’

By: Andy Cummings, Director of Business Development

If you work in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, the ACCP conference tops the list each year as a must-attend event. The 2016 conference was no different. We returned back to the office energized after spending three days surrounded by corporate leaders committed to creating positive societal impact.

GMN 2016: Let’s Talk Outcomes

By: Mary Ann Mullen, Account Manager

We just returned from the 11th annual Grant Managers Network (GMN) Conference held in New Orleans! The conference offered 50+ individual and plenary sessions on a vast range of topics relevant to the grantmaking community. As you can imagine, this provided an amazing forum to explore emerging issues in philanthropy, gain insights from industry leaders, and share how technology can make grantmaking processes more efficient.

New Online Solution Gives Valeant Time to Better Align With Their Mission

By: Sefton Murray, Senior Client Success Manager

Pharmaceuticals have a vital opportunity to improve the quality of life for patients and support the on-going medical and scientific education of healthcare professionals and customers.

3 Myths About Online Grants Management Holding You Back

By: Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions

If you have a flood of incoming grant requests, you need a solution that makes it as simple as possible to collect the right information, route requests through the organization for approval and payment, and report on your program results. This makes sense, so why haven’t all grant managers embraced online grants solutions that do just that and effectively streamline their processes? What is holding them back?

Versaic Delivers Solution to Streamline Medical Affairs for Pharmaceuticals

Solution integrates easy to use interface, fully customizable process, time-saving reporting features, and ongoing support from dedicated client success managers.
Press Release

March 1, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Versaic, a leading provider of grant and donation management solutions, has designed and deployed systems for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to streamline processes in Medical Affairs including Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) grants.

Versaic System Overview

Managing, improving, and reporting on your charitable programs shouldn't be an obstacle for your organization.
Multimedia with summary

Gone are the times that an excel spreadsheet and never ending email chains were the only option for request management. It’s time to eliminate ad-hoc spreadsheets, emails & paper proposals and skip unnecessary steps. Bring your vision to life and get the most out of your charitable programs with innovative technology.

Linking Corporate Social Responsibility to Business Goals

Multimedia with summary

Kristin Meyer discussing how the Starwood Foundation is a sustainable department within Starwood by linking their work back to the overall business goals. Philanthropy at Starwood is not just a PR goal, it is a business value.

Find ways you can connect your business goals to your Philanthropy programs, visit our website to learn more or give us a call at 877-712-9495. 

Giving You Time to Do Good Better

By: Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions

With CSR programs expanding, many corporate grant managers and foundations are having trouble keeping up with responsiveness and community engagement. From handling a flood of requests to process management and reporting, there is simply not enough hours in the day to keep track of it all with traditional methods. Utilizing an online system that fully realizes potential time savings can dramatically improve the impact of your programs, and provides insight for future strategic direction. 

Should I Do Grants, Donations, or Both?

By: Scott Davis, Sr. Director of Marketing

Your company is about to move into uncharted territory. It’s time to formalize a philanthropic program. You realize the importance of giving programs and value for your brand reputation. The question isn’t whether to invest in social change, but rather which route will have the most impact?

4 Ways to Share Your Brand’s Philanthropic Story

By: Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager

According to a 2015 study by Cone Communications, sixty-four percent of millennials use social media to address or engage with companies around social and environmental issues. Whether your corporation currently has a large digital footprint or you are looking to up your efforts, it’s time to take a closer look at your digital storytelling. After all, making your CSR story readily accessible online is an effective way to engage consumers, attract more eyeballs, and enhance your overall brand image.


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