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Picture Earth Right Now


I was reminded of this 1946 photograph of Earth, the first photo from beyond the atmosphere when I curated one of the latest views of Earth, a NASA Goddard visualization entitled, 

Finding Our Sustainability Leadership

Tags, Taxonomies and Search
"Google has already implemented image recognition software (no surprise there) into its consumer-facing Google Photos. The platform takes a look at the photo collections of each user and sets out to organize them by categories. That’s novel in and of itself, but it gets better: Consider that these categories used to only be classifiable by tags submitted by users themselves—things like person, activity, subject, or place. Now, that’s done using AI." 

Spoken Word Artists on Climate Change

Isabella Borgeson, Elija Furquan, Terisa Siagatou

Increasingly there is a greater number of our artists, musicians, and performers who are addressing climate justice or injustice as the case may be.  As islanders experience flooding at the edges, those of us till dry and thinking there is still time and a Plan B might do well to listen to our poets and spoken word artists.  Here are three such performers, two added this week to our climate change special collection on EarthSayers.tv.

Living Sustainability

The Wisdom of both Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge

In this presentation (video*) Dr. Robin Kimmerer clearly and beautifully teaches us the relationship of living The Honorable Harvest to our quest to live in balance with Mother Earth; how to save ourselves by coming into relationship with Nature.

The Big Picture of Oil and Our Troubles by Leif Wenar


If we are going to pursue sustainability as an operating principle of our planet, then it can't remain business as usual when it comes to the buying and selling of oil as we are denying and acting against the basic principle that a country belongs to its people.  An especially treacherous situation made worse when coupled with the bad, old rule, 'Might Makes Right.'

Announcing WisdomKeepers.tv, Indigenous Voices of Sustainability

Press Release

PORTLAND, Oregon, October 1, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv joins with Ilarion Merculieff (Aleut) of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways to seek funding for the development of WisdomKeepers.tv, a Web-based search engine or gateway to curated video content advancing the Indigenous voices of sustainability as well as those of our citizens, from all walks of life, who address environmental, social, cultural and economic issues as part of their work on behalf of Mother Earth, her children, and the next seven generations

Sustainability with Resiliency


Sustainability with resiliency is how I think about these two important concepts working together.  Which is why I started to pay more attention to those talking about resiliency and then created a new Resiliency and Communities collection on EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability.  At first, I recognized that there is quite a bit out there on personal resiliency. Three years ago I interviewed Raz Mason, who is trained as a chaplain, on the topic of sustainability and resiliency.

Inspiration from Three Sustainability Leaders


This is the time of year I often return to those EarthSayers, the voices of sustainability, that have inspired me. The voices of our citizens who offer me helpful solid advice for weathering the storms of war, global warming, economic instability, injustice, and disasters of all kinds while keeping focused on identifying and promoting those among us who are sustainability leaders. Here are three such leaders on EarthSayers.tv that I want to share with you.

Sustainability and Higher Education


Occasionally we create a special collection on EarthSayers.tv because a particular person, organization or event inspires us.


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