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[GET THE GUIDE] Civic Engagement: Purpose Over Politics

3 ways any company can empower their people in the 2020 U.S. election
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Mixing business and politics doesn’t have to be risky if the goal is engagement and inclusion, not taking sides. Companies can be pro-people and pro-democracy without being partisan. And there’s nothing more democratic than engaging people in empowered ways that help them learn, stay informed, exercise their right to vote and take sustained action on the issues that matter to them.

This nonpartisan guide can help you empower your people to take civic action. Here’s what’s inside:

The Expanded Role of Companies in Empowering Civic Action

Multimedia with summary
Ways to build an inclusive culture that inspires your people to get informed, take civic action and make their vote count.

Es La Hora: Univision Hace Un Llamado A Votantes Inscritos A Que “Voten Por Su América”

La ampliada campaña de participación de votantes ofrece acceso fácil a información sobre la votación con un sitio web más extenso y mensajes de texto personalizados
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The Time Is Now: Univision Calls on Registered Voters to “Vote For Your America”

Enhanced Voter Engagement Campaign Provides Easy Access to Voting Information via Expanded Website and Personalized Text Messages
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