Complimentary Webinar: Last Chance to Register for Smelter Verification for Conflict Minerals


Are you confident in the smelter verification process and aware of the pit falls to avoid? Reserve your spot before tomorrow, November 18th @ 10 am PST/1 pm EST,  for the Smelter Verification for Conflict Minerals, A Guide to Understanding the Facts complimentary webinar to be ready for conflict minerals reporting year 2015.

This informative webinar will be covering:

Webinar: What is Your EVP Data Saying?

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Demonstrating your employee volunteer program's impact internally and externally is critical to its success. While the industry as a whole is still looking for ways to get beyond traditional metrics, some companies are taking it upon themselves to identify outcomes that reflect their priorities.

Reserve Your Spot to Meet the Safety Data Sheet Conversion Deadline

Act Now to Be Compliant, Meet the Safety Data Sheet Conversion Deadline Webinar

Safety Data Sheets are already being produced by some manufacturers and many organizations are not aware and/or have not started acquiring the new SDS, which makes them at risk of being out of compliance if they do not have this readily available to their employees. Dont miss out on our "Act Now to Be Compliant, Meet the Safety Data Sheet Conversion Deadline" Webinar on November 12th @ 10 am PST. 

Webinar: Big Energy Data and the Sustainability Factbook


How can a company simultaneously minimize energy costs, align sustainability goals, and reduce its carbon footprint? The first step is collecting complete, accurate, and timely energy data—then effectively managing it.

Join industry experts Francis Quinn, Erik Becker, and Alisdair McDougall for this 60-minute webinar. They'll discuss the importance of a sustainability factbook, data governance for energy management, and communicating performance to stakeholders. 

Sharpen the Saw: How to Reduce EHS Risks

Attend this educational webinar to improve your EHS know-how

In Steven Covey's book  "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Habit #7 is "Sharpen the Saw".  My interpretation of this habit is that everyone should take some time to step back from the day-to-day battles and do things that refresh and improve oneself.  For example, taking time to learn, teach, exercise, socialize, relax, etc.

Combatting the Growing Corruption Epidemic in Western Industries

Complimentary Anti-Corruption Webinar (See below)

Alexander Lebedev and Vladislav Inozemtsev from Foreign Affairs recently posted the article: Grappling With Craft: How to Combat the Growing Corruption Epidemic. These authors stated that corruption “has become a major threat to the global economic order.

Webinar: Transformative Value

Evolving Beyond Shared Value
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Chris Jarvis of Realized Worth joined VolunteerMatch for a special follow-up presentation after the Charities at Work conference to dive even deeper into the topic of Transformative Value.

Today, corporations not only have the unique opportunity to address social and environmental concerns, the public has given them a mandate to do so.

Webinar: Virtual Volunteering

An Untapped Resource for Employee Engagement
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Virtual volunteering, evolunteering, micro volunteering, digital volunteering - it goes by many names, but it all means the same: people volunteering remotely via a computer or handheld device, including a smart phone. It's a practice that's been around for more than 30 years, and it presents terrific opportunities for employees to donate time and expertise as a part of an official company employee volunteering program. Yet, many companies aren't utilizing this great opportunity to engage even more employees in their volunteering programs.

Dow Jones Releases Anti-Corruption Survey Results for 2014


In the recent Anti Corruption Survey Results 2014 by Dow Jones, comprehensive findings were introduced about the presence, key elements, and due diligence of anti-corruption programs. Particularly, the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance monitored due diligence processes including frequency, components, and outsourcing. The survey includes insights on challanges companies have had with an anti-corruption compliance program:


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