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In Cassinetta, Italy, Whirlpool Corp. Factory Visit Reveals Several Advances in Sustainability for Local Press Corps


The Whirlpool Corp. site in Cassinetta, northern Italy, reached its zero waste to landfill goal a year ahead of schedule, and reduced its carbon emissions by 38 percent in just four years. Cassinetta is one of many manufacturing, research and development centers in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region for the American household appliance company, which is aiming for carbon neutrality at all of its 54 sites around the world by 2030.

Whirlpool Corporation's Net Zero Commitment First Anniversary

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On this first anniversary of our commitment to reach net zero emissions in our plants and operations by 2030, we're proud to share that since announcing our commitment we more than doubled our Scope 1&2 emissions reductions, and we plan to double that again in 2022.

Learn more about our commitment here, https://lnkd.in/ggjsz6v

We Care About Our Impact on the World, and There's No Place for Waste

We all play a part and have a responsibility to improve life at home–and on our planet.

We Care About Our Impact on the World, and There's No Place for Waste

That’s why Whirlpool Corporation has taken bigger and bolder actions in our all our manufacturing plants and distribution centers across the world to become carbon neutral. Our appliances today use less water, have a smaller carbon footprint and use recycled materials.

See the investments we’ve made because we truly believe there’s no place for waste, at home, work or anywhere on our planet.

Chef Ro Shares Food, Support for Habitat This Week


For a 10th anniversary, traditional gifts are tin or aluminum — but for Indiana University and Whirlpool, wood, steel and hard work will be part of a gift the partners will give rather than receive.

Pilot Transportation Program Launches at Whirlpool Corporation’s Amana, Iowa Plant


When suggestion after suggestion poured in that transportation was an issue for Amana employees, management worked to solve the problem.

The Employee Transportation Program officially launched at Whirlpool Corporation’s Amana, Iowa plant in late July. The new pilot program, which began by transporting up to 56 hourly employees per shift to Amana from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and back after their shift, will expand as the demand for the program grows. Refrigerators for multiple Whirlpool Corporation brands are manufactured at the plant.

Sustainable Management at Whirlpool Corporation's Global Leadership Center

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Driven by the belief that sustainability matters, Whirlpool Corporation is incorporating sustainable management practices at its Global Leadership Center, Brandywine Creek in Michigan. From working with local farmers and greener cleaning products, to installing Energy Efficient LED Lighting and composting and recycling systems, Brandywine Creek is reducing the company's environmental footprint while maximizing cost efficiencies. 

Whirlpool Corporation: Why Composting Matters

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Whirlpool Corporation knows the impact of taking steps toward sustainability. On Learn About Composting Day, Whirlpool Corporation celebrates the initiative to support composting at its Global Leadership Center, which defers 23 tons of waste from going to a landfill.*  

Whirlpool Corporation Amps Up Commitment to Clean Energy With Newest Ohio Wind Farm

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BENTON HARBOR, Mich., May 24, 2016 /3BL Media/ -- Today, Whirlpool Corporation announced plans to build wind turbines to help power its Marion and Ottawa plants in Ohio, a $13.5 million total investment that will build upon the company’s 46 year commitment to advances in sustainable manufacturing.

The completion of these projects has the potential to make Whirlpool Corporation one of the largest Fortune 500 consumers of on-site wind energy in the United States. Collectively, the company will be generating enough clean energy to power more than 2,400 average American homes.

Whirlpool Corp. & Diversity: Blending Everyone's Differences Into One Powerful Point of View

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The best possible performance requires the best possible talent. At Whirlpool Corporation, we bring our different experiences and backgrounds together to unlock new and relevant consumer solutions.

A Deep Energy Retrofit Brings ReNEWW House HERS Score to Near Zero

The first phase of the ambitious ReNEWW House project has slashed this home’s HERS score to near zero.

IN JULY 2013, Whirlpool Corporation partnered with Purdue University on a retrofit of a late 1920s bungalow in West Lafayette, Indiana. The goal: to create more livable spaces while lowering operational costs and environmental impacts.

Called the ReNEWW House, for Retrofitted Net-zero Energy, Water and Waste, the structure will be renovated in three phases, with each phase lasting roughly a year. Phase one, a deep-energy retrofit, was completed in the summer of 2014.


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