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Whole Planet Foundation and Partners Fund Women Entrepreneurs for International Women's Day During Women's History Month


Whole Planet Foundation's International Women’s Day virtual event during Women’s History Month had 600 participants come together during March to expand women’s opportunities through access to entrepreneurship. 

Digging Deep: A Celebration of Asia-Pacific Field Officers in Whole Planet Foundation's Portfolio

by Stephanie Manciagli, Program Manager Latin America and Caribbean

Repeating daily affirmations, aloud and silently, has been an important practice for me since I was young, when I began to learn how to not just be aware of my patterns and inner dialogue but to play a conscious role in shaping them.

23 Companies Incentivize Us to Power Women Entrepreneurs During Women's History Month


The Whole Planet Foundation International Women’s Day virtual event had 500+ participants come together during March 7-8 to expand women’s opportunities through access to entrepreneurship. The compelling content can be unlocked here with a suggested

The Ripple Effect of Ripple Foods is Powering Women Entrepreneurs through Whole Planet Foundation


Ripple Foods, makers of delicious, nutritious plant-based dairy alternative products, is a Platinum Sponsor of Whole Planet Foundation and participated in the International Women’s Day virtual event during Women’s History Month.  

Online Concert With GRAMMY-Nominated Artists Benefits Whole Planet Foundation


In an online concert presented by URSA Live, women artists are collaborating to fund women entrepreneurs through Whole Planet Foundation in honor of International Women’s Day. 

2021 GRAMMY-nominee Debi Nova from Costa Rica, singer and actress Andy Allo, star of the Amazon Original series Upload, GRAMMY-nominated Irish singer-songwriter RuthAnne and recording artist Whitney McClain will join forces to raise awareness and funds for poverty alleviation. 

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Interview with Vivienne Boucherat


Visual artist Vivienne Boucherat has donated ten signed copies of her picture book of stunning mixed media, Know Your Crazy, to Whole Planet Foundation’s March 7-8 event honoring women entrepreneurs.

Whole Planet Foundation Is Funding Women Entrepreneurs

Virtual Event to Alleviate Poverty Launches March 7th

Whole Planet Foundation is celebrating the power of women entrepreneurs during March 7-8 with a virtual event in honor

Whole Planet Foundation Recognizes Field Officers in Eastern/Southern Africa

by Zoe So, Regional Director for Eastern/Southern Africa

As we look back at the anxious and uncertain times of 2020, I hope we will also remember the bright spots of resilience and shared humanity. All over the world, we have found renewed appreciation for front-line workers and the great risks they take every day.

Navigating COVID-19 in Bhutan: Providing Additional Capital to RENEW Microfinance Private Limited

by Claire Kelly, Whole Planet Foundation Regional Director for West Africa/Middle East

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partners (MFIs) have faced increasing demands from clients for both loans and savings withdrawals.  At the same time, many clients have faced difficulties in making repayments on their existing loans due to slowed business activity and/or travel restrictions and lockdowns.  In response to these constraints, Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partners have been working to provide as much flexibility for microcredit clients as they can.  This effort has included responses such as grace periods and restructured lo


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