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How Technology Can Help Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

By Dr. Sylvain Hawawini, Veterinarian & Lenovo Innovator

A few years ago, as a freshly graduated veterinarian, I embarked on my forever dream destination: the African bush. I had the amazing opportunity to join the local NGO Game Rangers International (GRI) and set up a wildlife veterinary project to support the Veterinary Services of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW). For every freshly graduated young vet, your first job is the time when things finally get real. You get to apply and use all the knowledge you spent 7 years getting.

Consumption of Wildlife Drops Almost 30% Over Links to COVID-19

WWF survey also finds 72% of American respondents believe closure of high-risk wildlife markets is effective in preventing future pandemics
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GLAND, SWITZERLAND, May 24, 2021 /3BL Media/ - As the World Health Assembly opens today against a backdrop of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, a new World Wildlife Fund commissioned report reveals that nearly 30% of people surveyed across China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States say they have consumed less or stopped consuming wildlife altogether because of the global health crisis.

Health & Conservation Leaders Issue Joint Call to Shut Down High-Risk Wildlife Markets to Help Curb Future Outbreaks

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HONG KONG, April 30, 2020 /3BL Media/ - As the world grapples with the worst global public health emergency in recent memory, more than 100 scientists and conservation leaders from 25 countries are calling on governments across the globe to address high-risk wildlife trade to reduce the chance of another outbreak.

Public Calls for Governments to Close Southeast Asia’s Wildlife Markets in Response to COVID-19, WWF Survey Finds

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HONG KONG, April 6, 2020 /3BL Media/ – This World Health Day, as the world grapples with the worst public health emergency in recent memory, over 90 percent of respondents surveyed in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong support a government-led closure of illegal and unregulated wildlife markets, according to new research for World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Tech Companies Take Down 3 Million Online Listings for Trafficked Wildlife

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WASHINGTON, March 2, 2020 /3BL Media/ – Online technology companies in the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online reported removing or blocking over 3 million listings for endangered and threatened species and associated products from their online platforms to date. These listings included live tigers, reptiles, primates and birds for the exotic pet trade, as well as products derived from species like elephants, pangolins and marine turtles.

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