Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST)

Workshop Introduces Coating and Lamination to Improve Packaging Performance

New materials can provide gains in sustainable packaging

A new, two-day course offered by the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology provides a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning to introduce capabilities in coating and laminating at pilot scale.

One-Day Course Introduces Nanotechnology Tools and Techniques

Gain "nanotechnology literacy" and understand uses for nanoparticles

Have you been fascinated by reports of the transformative potential of nanotechnology but a little unsure of what it all means?

A new mini-course offered by the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology provides “nanotechnology literacy” and introduces participants to some of the tools and techniques of the science.

Sealed Air, Food Safety and Sustainability

A Focal Point interview with Daniel Daggett

The right packaging can make a big difference in sustainability gains by extending shelf life of perishable food. Sealed Air works to innovate in fresh food packaging, and Daniel Daggett, director of product stewardship and sustainability for the company, will discuss aspects of food safety and packaging at Focal Point 2014: Packaging at the Leading Edge. 

You can hear from Dan and 10 more expert speakers on the latest challenges and solutions in food and beverage packaging and converting.

Cedar Grove's Michele Riggs Talks Compostability

A Focal Point 2014 interview

Composting is a potential end-of-product-life solution for packaging, one that is gaining more attention with development of new materials to meet consumer and regulatory demand. Cedar Grove in Washington state has been a pioneer in diverting materials from landfills through composting. Michele Riggs, Biodegradable Technical Specialist with Cedar Grove, will describe the company's program Focal Point 2014 on October 14 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

A Focal Point Interview with Attorney Shawn Stevens

New FDA food safety rules could impact packaging manufacturers and converters

Shawn K. Stevens, one of the few attorneys in the U.S. whose entire practice is in representing the food industry, will bring his expertise to the packaging conference Focal Point 2014 on October 14 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Register now and save $70.

Stevens will present "Where Food Packaging and FDA Regulation and Enforcement Collide: How to Package Your Risk on the New Food Safety Battleground."

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