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Women in Technology: Changing the World for Good

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The world is changing faster than ever. The Internet and mobile technology keep us connected in ways that have never been possible before, and those ways continue to grow and improve every day. As technology become more ubiquitous, how can it be used to change the world for the better?

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For Women in Tech, Anything is Possible

by Inbar Lasser-Raab, Cisco VP Infrastructure and Digital Solutions Marketing

When I was a girl, my parents taught me that anything was possible for me (besides being a singer…). Yet the majority of women continue to believe that they cannot pursue a successful career in science, technology, engineering, and math (what we now affectionately call STEM). They are all too often intimidated by these classes at a young age and do not believe that they are good enough for it. The number of female researchers, software developers, and technology entrepreneurs is growing, but it is still too low – around 20%.

One of My Greatest Life Decisions: Becoming an Engineer

Shraddha Chaplot, Greengineer and Machinegineer at Cisco

Have you ever believed that you could do or be anything? That in your heart and gut, you knew that you were destined to change the world in your own way, exciting, empowering and enabling so many others so they may do the things they never thought they could?

That's how I feel every day; and whether the world changes or not, that feeling is what inspires me to keep playing.

3,000 Minds to Inspire

By Alexis Raymond

This story was originally posted on Cisco Employee Connection, Cisco’s internal employee news site. 

We are about to show more than 3,000 girls and young women around the world that they can be the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technologists—the dreamers and doers who will invent the future.

#CiscoChat: Why the World Needs More Girls in Tech

by Alexis Raymond

Did you know that women account for only 30 percent of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workforce? Or that they earn 57 percent of all U.S. undergraduate degrees, but only 18 percent of undergraduate computer and information sciences degrees?

Hacking the Norm: Girls Like Tech, Too

How SAP Software & Solutions is helping inspire young women to pursue careers in tech.

By Kate Morgan (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategic Partnerships for North America, SAP Software & Solutions)

The SAP Palo Alto office transformed into a workspace for 60 middle school girls on a Saturday this fall. Giving up their day off and getting out of their comfort zones, these middle school students were there for a day-long workshop in computer science and technology – Girlsmarts4tech. The hope? To inspire these young women to pursue careers in tech.

The Grace Hopper Conference: A Celebration of Women in Computing

“Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.” ~ Telle Whitney, President & CEO of Anita Borg Institute

On October 8th, 7500 women and 500 men came together in Phoenix, Arizona for a three day celebration. The Grace Hopper Conference (GHC) presented by the Anita Borg Institute in partnership with the Association of Computing Machinery, is the largest gathering of women technologists in the world and i

Celebrating Girls in Technology – The Power of Mentorship


Today is International Girls in ICT Day and Cisco has been celebrating all month long by hosting fun and instructive mentoring events that have been designed to help to educate young women about careers in information and communications technology (ICT). With over 70 events taking place globally from Belarus to Boxborough, one thing is clear – girls love technology! Let’s work together to keep it that way.

Four Secrets of One Women’s Success in the IT Industry


This post was written by guest blogger Patrice D’Eramo, who, as Vice President of the Americas Field Marketing Organization, leads field marketing for Cisco’s largest geographic region with $25 billion in annual sales. 

STEM Stories: The Faces Of Women In Technology (SHARE YOURS)


Originally published on Huffington Post

Now more than ever, the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is at the forefront of our national discourse.

But the conversation around STEM goes hand in hand with another issue: the importance of women in technology, and related fields that have long been dominated by men.


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