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Survey Your Employees - Questions You Could Ask

Some Questions You Could Ask Your Employees to Assist with Redesigning Your Giving Program

If you are looking to improve or redesign your Giving program, the place to start is with your people. One of our recent clients who runs a successful United Way campaign conducted an employee survey to examine their program strategy.

Let's Make Good Things Happen This Year - 5 Ideas to Energize Your Giving Program

Help Encourage Year Round Giving

Since the busiest months for giving typically come at the end of the year, it’s easy to forget about planning for the year ahead.

If engagement, cultural commitment and emotive connection are the goals, a dynamic, year-round, multi-pillar strategy to connect with your employees is key. Giving Season is a year round concept!

Making Goodness Matter - January 2013

Make Goodness Matter (Even More) - This Year I Will...


Workplace Giving Gets a Reboot in 2012 to Meet Changes and Challenges in the Economy, Trends Report Finds

Digital, Branded Age of Workplace Giving Arrives in Force
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 27, 2012 /3BL Media/ — This year saw further signs that the once staid tradition of employees taking part in annual workplace giving campaigns has been upended by digital technology, younger workers with new ideas, and the need for more engagement between employers and employees. Those are the preliminary findings from America’s Charities 2012 Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving, its third report since 2000 about the $3 billion dollars employees donate on the job each year to worthy non-profits.    

Why Have a Workplace Giving Program?

And Why Do Many Programs Fail to Deliver the Desired Outcomes?

A few weeks ago, in our post, Houston, We Have a Problem, we discussed some of the challenges around the status quo of workplace giving and CSR programs. Next, let’s take a look at why companies have (or should have) a workplace giving program in the first place. Focusing the ‘why’ of your program in the right direction can benefit the desired outcomes so let’s start by reminding ourselves why these programs make sense. The answer is different if you’re an employer vs. a charity. 

6 Ideas to Help Energize Your Giving Program

Some of Our Favorite Campaigns for the Remainder of 2012
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At Benevity, we are focused on helping companies make more impact with their corporate giving programs, though it’s not always easy to keep your program fresh and come up with new ideas to engage your employees and customers.

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Ideas to Energize Your Program for the Remainder of 2012 [Infographic]

Houston, We Have a Problem

If we want to Make Goodness Matter (more) to companies, we have to first acknowledge that the status quo isn’t working that well.

We talk to many organizations and see many corporate and employee giving programs. Although there are lots of variations, there are also recurring problem themes and issues. Here are a few of the common things we hear:

Making Goodness Matter

A Shout Out on Corporate Social Responsibility from Bryan de Lottinville

"Some of these comments may not be all that popular, but I did always appreciate the tenacity of Jerry McGuire’s mission statement"

- Bryan de Lottinville, CEO at Benevity

Make Goodness Matter - The Problem with the Status Quo


We get asked all the time about best practices in corporate and workplace giving and volunteering. What people really want to know is how they can Make Goodness Matter – to their brand, to their employees, to their bosses, heck to the world at large!

Helping Businesses Better Engage & Inform Employees Around Health & Wellness

See How and Why Benevity & Community Health Charities Are Working Together
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Benevity announced today a new partnership with Community Health Charities of America to help businesses better engage and inform employees around health, wellness and community involvement. Watch the video to find out more about the benefits of our new partnership and why we teamed up. 


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