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Reynard Loki
Reynard Loki covers sustainability, sustainable finance and social innovation. He has written consumer-oriented features, exclusive interviews with CEOs, scholars and social entrepreneurs, and editorials across a wide array of environment- and sustainability-related topics. He is also a co-founder of MomenTech, an experimental production studio based in New York and Prague, whose projects have been presented around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, South Africa, China and the Philippines. Reynard is also the Environment Editor at and a contributing author to "Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia" (Salem Press, 2013), a reference encyclopedia that illustrates the biology, geography, history and ecological importance of the world’s various biomes and ecosystems. He is a member of Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, Global Ethics Network and New York Pigeon Rescue Central.
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8 years 3 months ago

By 2050, there will be more than 9 billion people on the planet. And most of them will be driving cars. That's not a good thing

Road transportation is the leading cause of global warming and will continue to be for the next forty years, according to a 2010 study conducted by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), based in New York. The second-highest contributor is the burning of household biofuels—primarily wood and animal dung for home heating and cooking—followed by the raising of livestock, particularly methane-producing cattle...

8 years 3 months ago

The first commitment by financial institutions to place economic value on ecosystem services launches ahead of Rio+20

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), the three-day conference also known as "Rio+20" to mark the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Earth Day, also held in Rio de Janeiro, starts on June 20.

The meeting, which brings together representatives from governments, academia and the private, non-profit and civil society sectors to...

8 years 3 months ago

For businesses seeking to access North Africa's emerging market, NAPEO offers a window of opportunity for long-term sustainability through public-private partnerships

In his 2009 speech at Cairo University, President Obama called for broad, cross-sector partnerships to promote prosperity and sustainable growth in North Africa, focusing on youth, education, economic development and science and technology.

"All these things must be done in partnership," he said. "Americans are ready to join with citizens and governments;...

8 years 3 months ago

Bill Clinton has called for a more innovative and sustainable future for America. So far, the response has been strong

At the Second Annual Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting last week, former president Bill Clinton announced the impact of the multi-stakeholder gathering he founded to help the nation's economic recovery.

Focusing on cross-sector collaboration involving public, private, civil and non-profit sectors, the initiative is meant to foster sustainable job creation, workforce development, economic growth...

8 years 3 months ago

The New Jersey governor has unilaterally pulled out of the region's cap-and-trade program. Now two environmental groups are suing him

In 2003, then-governor of New York George Pataki asked the governors of northeastern and mid-Atlantic states to "develop a strategy that will help the region lead the nation in the effort to fight global climate change." Thus, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) was born. By 2007, ten states had joined the group: Delaware, New Jersey,...

8 years 4 months ago

An innovative carbon finance scheme tackles several issues at once: climate change, deforestation, poverty, disease and lack of clean water

Clean water is something that most people take for granted. You probably just have to go to your kitchen and turn on the tap. But almost 1 billion people (about 1 in every 8 individuals) don't have access to clean water. The Water Project says that lack of access to clean water is "one of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa also the most overlooked" problems.


8 years 4 months ago

Jacques Cousteau's grandson sees for-profit mechanisms supporting non-profit causes

Building donations into the cost of a product to support not-for-profit causes isn't new; many social enterprises use the technique to advance important social agendas (Lauren Bush's FEED Projects is one of many examples). But building a donation into the fee of an ETF fund? That's a innovation that is now credited to Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the late...

8 years 4 months ago

A ten-year financial commitment to green energy is a good thing. So why all the cynicism?

At its annual shareholder meeting Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey, Wall Street behemoth Goldman Sachs announced that it plans to invest $40 billion into global renewable energy projects over the next decade.

"This is another emerging opportunity we think will be quite large," said Stuart Bernstein, head of Goldman's clean technology and renewables investment banking group.

The commitment follows Goldman's financing of $4.8 billion and co-investing...

8 years 4 months ago

To combat the so-called "Sixth Extinction," we must put a price tag on healthy ecosystems. The financial sector can help

Approximately 10,000 new species are discovered every year. Last year, more than 18,000 new species were officially described. (Check out the Top 10 New Species List recently released by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University to see their...

8 years 4 months ago

UK wind turbine company to be bought by Japanese PPP for $874 million

Japan produces a lot of energy, ranking third in terms of electricity production after the United States and China. But it has some catching up to do in wind power, ranking 13th in the world in terms of installed wind capacity.

The sector has been growing, particular following the nuclear accidents in 2011 at Fukushima. Unlike the nuclear reactors, which were damaged by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, none of Japan's...