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10 years 2 months ago

The Dow Chemical Company, not always the environment's best friend, has taken a step toward environmental conservation by getting its Powerhouseâ„¢ brand solar shingles certified for safety by the Underwriter's Laboratory.

The new Powerhouseâ„¢ Solar Shingle boasts an integrated connection system that allows its photovoltaic solar cells to be quickly and easily installed, just like and/or in combination with standard asphalt shingles. This is, in part, because the new solar shingle design eliminates any on-roof wiring, minimizes the need to drill through the roof, and generally...

10 years 2 months ago

Although much maligned in some circles, the federal government's spending to stimulate the economy is not only producing jobs and improving the nation's infrastructure, it's helping to shift the use of energy from non-renewable sources to sustainable sources, including geothermal.

In particular, a total of 7.875 gigawatts of geothermal energy projects have already been funded through stimulus spending. The U.S. Recovery Act, for example, delivers a federal grant in the amount of 30% of the capital cost of qualified geothermal projects. So far, these...

10 years 2 months ago

Based on results of a three-home experiment conducted by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a typical 2,400-square-foot, two-story home in an area that experiences significant summers and winters can require enough heating, cooling, and energy for other operations to run up utility bills of as much as $7 per day, or $4 per day, or $1 per day.

What makes the difference? In the TVA's experiment, and in real life houses across the country, the difference results primarily from differing levels of attention to energy...

10 years 2 months ago

One of the big reasons that some investors may still be leery of alternative energy systems is that they rely on government subsidies for much of their profitability. "Governments could lift these subsidies at any time," they argue, "and then my investment would be much less profitable."

However, recent research is showing that far more subsidies flow to conventional energy sources, particularly fossil fuels, than to more planet-friendly alternatives, such as wind, solar power, and biofuels. This underlines the possibility, and the strategy, of...

10 years 2 months ago

Millions of people staying in thousands of hotels around the world normally relax their efforts at environment conservation in favor of convenience. But that pattern could begin to reverse if a newly renovated hostel in Toronto, Canada, catches on.

The Planet Traveler, located at 357 College Street, is now advertising itself as North America’s "greenest hotel," a claim backed up by its reliance on low-energy lighting, geothermal and solar energy generators, and extensive water reclamation systems.

The 114-room hostel was developed by Anthony Aarts and Tom Rand. Friends since...

10 years 2 months ago

In today's world, parking garages are important elements of the urban infrastructure. So it's exciting that Denver International Airport's (DIA) newest parking facility incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide both environmental conservation and energy efficiency.

DIA is the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the tenth busiest in the world. It has been named America’s Best Run Airport and serves more than 51 million passengers annually, a good number of whom arrive by private automobile.

The new Canopy Airport Parking facility (...

10 years 3 months ago

Guangdong Yatu Industry Investment Company (GYII) has been working on renewable energy since 2006, and manufactured its first 750KW conventional (or horizontal axis) wind-powered electrical generation turbine in 2007.

Now the company has compiled 33 patents and thousands of hours of advanced design and engineering work in support of an advanced concept for a vertical axis wind-powered turbine.

The difference is significant. Horizontal axis wind turbines are what you see along the highways in certain areas of the nation. They consist of tall towers...

10 years 3 months ago

You don't realize it, but federal, state, and local governments are currently playing key roles in developing and expanding private sector efforts toward energy conservation and sustainable development.

Remember when President Ronald Reagan puprposely removed Jimmy Carter's solar panels from the roof of the White House? It took nearly three decades before President Barack Obama returned solar panels to that rooftop, symbolically underlining the simple reality that some Administrations favor energy conservation and sustainable development,...

10 years 3 months ago

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced today that 42 construction projects and 33 planning projects in 40 states will receive nearly $600 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s "Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery" (TIGER) program. The projects range from upgrades to highways and bridges to improvements in public transit, rail and ports.

This is the second round of TIGER funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). The first round, announced on February 17, 2009, included 51 grants totaling $1.5 billion. TIGER grants are made...

10 years 3 months ago

The first of at least 11 hydrogen fueling stations proposed for a "hydrogen highway" along the U.S. East Coast has opened for business. Built in Wallingford, CT, by Proton Energy Systems (PES), an on-site hydrogen-making company, and SunHydro, which will own and operate PES's hydrogen fueling stations, the plan is to construct a series of hydrogen fueling stations so motorists can drive from Maine to Florida using only hydrogen to power their vehicles.

Hydrogen from SunHydro’s Wallingford station is currently priced at $10 per kilogram. Sullivan estimates that a...