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9 years 7 months ago

Somehow it seems necessary to speak to the fact that another year has passed. By now, you might have noticed the typical do’s and don’t lists, trends of 2010 or what to expect in 2011 and expert opinions on all matters. At some level, it is charming to sit back and glance over how we fared during the year and perhaps, these markers help us move forward. At times, even inspire or motivate us to be better.

So here we are and I have perused over a bunch of such lists over various channels and what I found interesting...

9 years 7 months ago

Isn't this what Christmas should really be about? Love, right? As I write this, I listen to Billy Squier on repeat; and I swing, sway and jump in my revolving chair! This upbeat, fun, melodic tune which magically found itself in my Facebook newsfeed a few days back is my favourite thing this season (Thanks to my Facebook friend, Ron Estrada) And I would love for you all to enjoy  this while you read. Thanks to social media, something I missed on MTV back then, makes me merry 30 years later.


9 years 8 months ago

The birth of Jesus is to date, one of the most magical and interesting stories we have been brought up with. Being of Muslim faith, we are also taught to believe in the miracle of Christ’s birth and revere him as a prophet. The story of Nativity lives on and a simple YouTube video presents it, not through art or divine text, but through social media.


9 years 8 months ago

This past weekend, cartoon characters were the fad on social media. Some claim that Facebook users replaced their profile pictures for favourite cartoon characters to re-live their childhood memories, while most claimed it was meant to raise awareness about child abuse. I was generally irked at the fact that most people had yet again, fallen prey to yet another Internet meme. But again, who is to judge anyone’s intentions for doing so or how do we know it helped the cause?

I tried asking my personal social network on Facebook and interestingly enough, was able to instigate a rather heated discussion amongst few of my friends who offered their candid opinion on the matter....

9 years 8 months ago

Not to hate, but I prefer to see actual results. Social media campaigns have been successful in raising awareness and funds when it comes to causes. When asked to change your profile picture to a cute cartoon character or Facebook status for a cause with no indication of where the campaign originated or ended is problematic; and to some extent pure talk but no action. But maybe, you do care for “world peace.”

Speaking of, my friend and I happened to get tickets to a Blackhawks game this past Friday. For those of you not from Chicago or ice hockey fans, it’s...

9 years 8 months ago

Africa my motherland why do they do you so?

And yet your faith is strong

Even though you are weary of being hurt for so long

You are resilient

Your light may flicker at times but

Your veins are tied to the beginnings of life

So I say to the world tonight

Give to the Motherland and apologize

Because slavery, colonialism and theft were your ancestors crimes

Give and apologize

Because with our redemption they can again rise.

-Leigh Blake Founder and President Keep a Child Alive


9 years 8 months ago

Quite recently, the hashtag #I am Spartacus spread as a mini-revolution on Twitter sparking a debate about whether the principles of free speech applied to social media. Paul Chambers for whom Twitter users showed their support and protested was the man convicted and fined for a tweet threatening to blow up an airport.

Since his recent...

9 years 8 months ago

With recent speculation about what social networks have done to the word "friendship" and what it means, Path has been revealed as an exclusive "personal network." A former  executive at Facebook and Apple, Dave Morin seeks to change your social media world by making it more personal. His new company Path launched a new photo-centric social service last week as an iPhone app which allows you a maximum of 50 friends only.

In related news,...

9 years 9 months ago

It is no surprise that Facebook is hogging most of our Internet time nowadays- primarily due to the number of functions it allows us. At the moment, this social media site accounts for one out of four page views in the United States, which amounts to 10% of Internet visits.

According to Hitwise, Facebook has grown incredibly every year. Earlier, Mashable reported that “the social network was set to eclipse Google...

9 years 9 months ago

A big headline on the BBC news site reads: "Should there be free speech on Twitter?" Well, I will leave that to your discretion after you read the following.

What happened is that, Twitter world is out to defend convicted airport joker, Paul Chambers. One of the hottest topics on Twitter in United Kingdom is the hash tag #IAmSpartacus referring to the sensational film starring Kirk Douglas, “Spartacus.” This spread-out, yet close-knit community is showing their way of condemning the UK judiciary’s...