Sangeeta Waldron

Sangeeta Waldron
Sangeeta Waldron writes on women and children; sustainability; climate change; social enterprise and social entrepreneurs. She has a particular interest in India. She is the founder of Serendipity PR, in London, UK, where she works with high-profile brands and organizations in the public, non-profit, and corporate sectors, winning awards for her work from the communications industry. She has been appointed to the Women In Enterprise Taskforce and was until recently chairman of London's leading conscious well-being organisation, Alternatives, which hosts leading speakers such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch and many other well-known names. She describes herself as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Conscious Explorer; enjoys paying it forward and being a mum.
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12 years 2 months ago

In mid July I went along to the exclusive launch of my My6sense, an iPhone application to Ecademy, the UK online network for entrepreneurs and business, mixed with social, and was immediately smitten by this new information stream that uses digital intuition to predict what content you like based on how well it gets to know you; all from the palm of your hand.

As we continue to face the sheer avalanche of online content that comes at us, which will keep growing as more and more broadcasts come through at a faster rate through mediums like Facebook...

12 years 2 months ago

An internet entrepreneur is making friends available for hire at an hourly rate – meet ‘Rent a Friend’. A service that I haven’t quite made my mind up about yet is still to launch in Britain. Though, interestingly, as I started to contemplate the idea of Rent a Friend I wondered if it could actually be a solution to a creeping problem; as a major report in May 2010 by the Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity, suggests that more than one in ten people in Britain feel lonely ‘often’.

Scott Rosenbaum, 30 who is behind Rent a Friend has a database of 218,000...

12 years 2 months ago
David Cameron, British PM

Before David Cameron, the British Prime Minister set off on his all important trip to the US to meet his...

12 years 2 months ago

Hello! I am delighted and proud to be on the Justmeans editorial team, writing about social media. It was the power of social media that connected me to Justmeans; I saw on one of my RSS feeds that Justmeans was looking for experienced writers based anywhere in the world and so all the way from London, sitting behind my laptop I decided I wanted to very much be a part of the Justmeans respected and high-profile platform...and well, the rest is history.

I am a PR professional who has substantial award winning experience in creating and managing successful branding and communications...