ArcelorMittal Highlights the Intersection of Business and Sustainability in the 2019 United States Integrated Report

Jun 25, 2020 8:00 AM ET

June 25, 2020 - ArcelorMittal is pleased to announce the publication of our annual United States Integrated Report. This marks ArcelorMittal’s eleventh year of reporting on our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives in the United States. This integrated report continues our dedication to transparency and directly connecting our 10 sustainable development outcomes with our business outcomes and financial drivers.

“We know that steel has an essential role to play in a sustainable and resilient future for society due to its continuous recyclability and its contributions to products that support a net zero carbon economy. We also know that steelmaking comes with a unique and complex set of challenges, and that we must continually strive to do better,” said John Brett, president and chief executive officer, ArcelorMittal USA. “I welcome the opportunity to share both our successes and opportunities with you in our 2019 United States Integrated Report.”

Highlights of the 2019 United States Integrated Report include:

In support of the company’s efforts to minimize our impact on the environment, the 2019 integrated report is available online to all stakeholders within the sustainability section of The report can be viewed completely online or downloaded in its entirety as a PDF.

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