Black & Veatch Addresses Digital Living, Smart Cities in Forbes

Bleutech Park Las Vegas is a tech fan’s dream - as long as system integration is in place
Jan 20, 2021 10:15 AM ET

Driven by increasingly tangible visions of the future, smart cities are evolving into holistic communities built on fully integrated digital ecosystems. To help champion these technologies, last year Black & Veatch, a global provider of smart infrastructure services and solutions, announced that it has joined Forbes’ “Future of Smart Cities Campaign." 

The campaign, which kicked off in November, acknowledges the need for urban communities to invest in smart, sustainable technologies. As part of the campaign, the company's article, Smart Cities That Reach the Upper Echelons of Digital Living, is now live on the Forbes website. The article dives into the upcoming Bleutech Park Las Vegas development, a $7.5-billion project that bills itself as the world’s first entirely sustainable, self-contained ecosystem. 

Black & Veatch recently announced its partnership with BTP, which is working with the global engineering leader to incorporate extensive digital infrastructure into the community.  The park will harness the power of digitization, system integration, and 5G to bring emerging technologies to life.  Through the power of IoT, BTP will be able to leverage the merged data streams to understand real-time conditions and pivot to better meet the needs of guests, visitors and tenants. 

Black & Veatch will serve as a technical program manager on the project, responsible for providing mission-critical infrastructure solutions and technical expertise across a broad scope of work that includes power, namely distributed energy and microgrids; water and wastewater; transportation; telecommunications and infrastructure command centers/data centers.

The development is scheduled to break ground in March 2021 in the desert valley outside Las Vegas, Nevada, and should take six to eight years to develop. To achieve its goal of building a fully integrated, self-contained ecosystem, BTP will be developed from the ground up, with all smart infrastructure built entirely from scratch with a manufacturing hub to showcase technologies on-site.


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