Bloomberg Named one of the Top 100 NYC Top Tech Employers

Nov 14, 2016 4:05 AM ET


Originally posted on Built in NYC

Built In NYC proudly presents the 2016 list of the Top 100 Digital Companies in New York City. The list ranks digital tech employers of all varieties, from direct-to-consumer e-commerce startups to software powerhouses, based on local, full-time employee count.

Employees by the numbers

In total, the number of people employed locally by the city’s major digital employers sums up to 52,177 workers. Of those, the top ten employers in New York tech have 29,610 people working for them, collectively.

In other words, 56 percent of employees work for the ten largest tech companies in New York, which include Bloomberg, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, AOL, Facebook, Vice Media, Salesforce and E-Trade. All of these companies have over 800 employees locally.

NYC’s tech companies reflect the history of the local tech scene

The majority of the companies listed were founded after 2000, congruent with how the city’s tech scene rejuvenated itself in 2002 after the dot-com market collapsed in 1999. Among these 100 companies, 84 were founded after 2002. In fact, 23 percent of the listed companies launched in past five years, and a whopping 71 percent launched in past 10 years.

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