CLP Ensures Cyber Security Governance “Stays Patched” for Global Cyber Risks

Apr 7, 2021 8:15 AM ET

As an energy provider highly dependent on technology, the CLP Group has always recognised the need to be cyber resilient. With cyber security continuing to be one of its top-tier risks for risk management, the Group’s latest Sustainability Report highlights its efforts in reinforcing its cyber security governance to safeguard its operational integrity and collected personal data amidst surging cyber threats on industries across the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the world towards a large-scale digital workplace transformation, where customer communications and business interactions have mostly moved online due to social restrictions being enforced globally. The resulting technological changes could present potential cyber risks. For this reason, sectors and industries around the world, including electric utilities, are seeing the urgency to build up robust cyber security plans to prepare for the growing threats arising in cyberspace.

With a focus on reinforcing cyber resilience and developing its security risk management strategy, CLP established its Group Security team in 2020. By integrating its Group Internal Audit and Group cyber security functions into this single organisation, the team will ensure cyber and physical security capabilities and supporting policies are in place for securing the Group’s assets in all its operating regions.

Recognising the critical need to continually adapt and enhance its security posture to defend its operations against a complex and dynamic threat spectrum, CLP also continues to focus on monitoring and investigating all suspicious cyber activity to reinforce its crisis-preparedness, as well as on developing good “cyber hygiene” internally through Group-wide cyber security and data protection awareness training programmes.  System and network detection and risk mitigation technologies are also being implemented across the Group’s information technology and operational technology estates for prompt response to cyber-related emergencies.

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