CLP on Track for Further Carbon Intensity Reductions

May 18, 2020 8:15 AM ET

The CLP Group expects to continue reducing its carbon intensity steadily in the coming years, thanks to the progress of projects to decarbonise its businesses in Hong Kong and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, as highlighted in its latest Sustainability Report.

In 2019, the Group’s carbon intensity went down to 0.62kg CO2/kWh while the carbon intensity of the electricity sold by CLP Power Hong Kong decreased to 0.49kg CO2/kWh.

In Hong Kong, natural gas will account for a higher share of CLP’s fuel mix when a new 550MW gas-fired generation unit at Black Point Power Station, deploying combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, begins operation this year. The construction of another CCGT gas-fired unit is being planned for commissioning in 2023. The new projects at Black Point will contribute to the gradual phase-out of the oldest coal-fired units at Castle Peak A Power Station in the mid-2020s. In consideration of the projected increase in the share of natural gas in our fuel mix, the carbon intensity of the electricity sold by CLP Power Hong Kong is currently expected to be reduced to around 0.4kg CO2/kWh as at the end of 2020.

CLP is also preparing for the construction of an offshore liquefied natural gas terminal that will be crucial to enhancing the diversity and security of Hong Kong’s natural gas supply. The Floating Storage and Regasification Unit vessel for the project is expected to complete construction before the end of 2021.

The largest landfill gas power generation system in Hong Kong has also been completed. The 10MW project in the West New Territories Landfill began operations in March this year. CLP is also investing in the decarbonisation of its electricity businesses in Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Australia under the Group’s Climate Vision 2050.

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