Connecting Employee Communities at Qualcomm

Feb 24, 2020 12:25 PM ET

Qualcomm Employee Networks (ENs) are employee-driven, enterprise-supported networks, promoting the professional growth of our employees. They support the communities in which we do business, offer collaboration and encouragement among employees and promote and demonstrate inclusion and diversity at Qualcomm.


AbilityQ aims to address and support the unique needs of employees with disabilities and employees who are caregivers of those with special needs.


eQuality fosters a safe, inclusive, supportive, and open work environment for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


LatinQ promotes Latino culture, values and heritage, while fostering employee development, recruitment, professional networking, and outreach to the Latino community.


Qualcomm African & African American Diversity Network (QAAAD) supports Qualcomm objectives through employee development, recruitment, community outreach and professional networking.


Q-Emerge embraces Qualcomm's emerging generations and focuses on merging the interests of millennials into Qualcomm's culture while amplifying the ideas that they bring.


QVETS is a worldwide community of employees who have served or are serving in the military, are supportive of service members and is inclusive of military family members with the mission of fostering a seamless transition from military life to civilian careers and providing opportunities for professional growth, leadership and outreach.


Qualcomm Women (Qwomen) inspires a diverse organization by providing opportunities to encourage leadership, mentorship, and career development for all women at Qualcomm and in our global communities.


U2Q strives to enrich the lives of new grads by hosting social, educational, and professional development events as employees begin their transition from university life into Qualcomm's culture.

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