Creating a Ripple Effect: Associates at the Heart of Engagement and Innovation

Mar 7, 2022 10:00 AM ET

Tapping into our associates’ innovative spirit not only does the hard work of generating solutions to global issues, but also empowers associates to see the value in themselves and one another. In this Sustainable Brands article, learn how Kohler associates Gaurav Verma and Delia Mixon experience Innovation for Good and the I-Prize at Kohler Co.


Instilling a sense of purpose in employees not only benefits workplace culture but can have a broader impact on business and society. Today, workers are looking for companies that share their values. A recent Unily study found that 65 percent of workers are more likely to work for more sustainable employers — not just because of values, but because they believe that a sustainable employer will care about them more, offer more impactful work, and provide satisfaction and engagement.

Nevertheless, recent workplace trends are telling us that the concept of purpose needs to translate from words to action. Fostering purpose among employees first drives innovation and encourages new ways of thinking from all corners of the business. Kohler has embraced this notion and engages its associates to deliver on its promise of “Believing in Better.” Guided by this strategy, Kohler leverages the expertise of its associates to develop tangible solutions to build a better planet, better communities and better lives.

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