Daily Audio Sessions Help Students Manage Stress, Improve Mental Health

As many as 12,000 students in metro Atlanta are taking part in a program called Inner Explorer, which involves daily audio sessions that focus on their emotional development.
Oct 5, 2018 9:10 AM ET

By Jennifer Leslie

Right after recess, fifth-grade students at Northwood Elementary School in Roswell gather around the front of the classroom, while the lights go off and a soothing voice fills the air.

"Breathe in, breathe out," they hear from a program playing on the smart board.

The program is called Inner Explorer. It's a series of daily 5-10 minute audio sessions that focus on students' emotional development.

The program is free for two years through a sponsorship by LG Electronics USA.

It's part of a new company initiative called “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness."

Already, about 12,000 students in Roswell, Johns Creek and Griffin are taking part in the program to reduce stress and anxiety levels and create "sustainable feelings of happiness."

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