Dazzling Solutions for a Sunnier Future

Feb 4, 2021 8:15 AM ET

Coming up with a bright, innovative idea is hard enough. Breaking through with that idea and making it a reality can be harder still.

That has been the experience of the solar industry in China. With a decline of state subsidies in recent years, tapping the potential of solar power stations to increase their capacity and efficiency to compensate for the reduction in subsidies has been a key focus for the country’s power industry.

For years, researchers have explored how to reduce the cost of solar modules and improve the energy conversion efficiency of cells, which left limited room for further areas of research.

Finally, however, a new approach was taken by looking into what could be done to increase the amount of light radiation on solar panels to improve their generation efficiency. CLP China’s Sihong Solar Power Station developed a solution that was simple but smart: The use of mirror-like reflective materials…

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