Economic Responsibility at Sappi North America

Sustainable Development is Core to Business at Sappi
Aug 10, 2017 4:30 PM ET

Sustainable development is core to our business strategy. We balance daily operational focus, whether it be sourcing wood, identifying productivity improvements or fulfilling customer orders, with a long-term view for growth in core markets and expansion through investment in new markets.

Agenda2020 Technology Alliance

Sappi has long been a supporter of the Agenda2020 Technology Alliance, a non-profit organization that exists to promote pre-competitive research on key technical challenges that face our industry. Working collaboratively with industry partners, universities and government agencies, the alliance has developed technology road maps in five areas:

  • Reducing the use of fresh water
  • Advancing drying technology on paper machines (reducing energy)
  • Developing next-generation pulping (improving yield and selectivity)
  • Reducing energy in the chemical recovery process (more efficient black liquor concentration)
  • Advancing commercialization of cellulose nanomaterials

Each of these initiatives has clear ties to economic and environmental benefits through resource conservation (reducing water, materials and energy) or access to new markets. While some of these initiatives may take a decade or more to address, we believe that success in these areas has the potential to transform our industry.

Strategic Capital Investments

In addition to research, Sappi continues to invest strategic capital in our core businesses. In 2016 we announced a US $25 million capital project to modernize the woodyard at the Somerset Mill. This investment will allow the company to update the wood debarking, chipping and chip distribution systems. Specifically, upgrades will be made to the log infeed, debarker, chipper, chip transfer system, woodroom controls and bark handling. The commissioning of the new system will be complete in the first quarter of our 2018 fiscal year.

Economic Development Award

In 2016, Sappi received a Champion of Economic Development Award from the Maine Development Foundation. The award recognizes individuals or organizations that are key to driving Maine’s economy forward. Sappi directly employs over 1,300 citizens of Maine across four locations and also supports over 75 local organizations and school programs with volunteer efforts and financial contributions.

Read more from Sappi North America's 2016 Sustainability Report here: