Hewlett Packard Enterprise Embraces Sustainability as a “Fresh Start” and Profit Generator

By Mark Shenk
Nov 26, 2019 12:00 PM ET

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has found that sustainability isn’t just good for public relations. Along with a growing number of leading companies, the IT giant is discovering it’s also a profit generator. 

“We must rethink our traditional linear economy and transition to what is known as the circular economy, a model in which the value of natural resources are maximized and waste is minimized,” Chris Wellise HPE’s chief sustainability officer, told Karma at the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit last week. “This approach is not just environmentally and socially beneficial, but it’s also good for business.”

During the first three quarters of this year “sustainability was an important factor representing over $400 million in new revenue, a sharp increase from $240M for the same period last year,” Wellise said.

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