How Investing in Women Helps Everyone During a Pandemic

Dec 7, 2020 10:15 AM ET

by Ebony Perkins, Investor and Community Relations Manager at Self-Help Credit Union

Can women really have it all?

Women have made much progress in the last century. They gained the right to vote, currently earn a higher percentage of college degrees than male counterparts, and represent more than half of the American workforce. Despite their strides, women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic’s economic effects, and their progress is in jeopardy.

Many women with varying levels of income have been successful at juggling their work and family lives — those with strong support systems were able to “have it all,” albeit with much hard work and stress. But today, the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn have placed new pressures on women, especially those who are essential workers, parents, or both. Supervising children who are engaged in remote learning and balancing other caretaking responsibilities means that many women are in two places at the same time: at work and at home. 

Working women need support now more than ever. Investors seeking high impact can tailor their funding choices to have a direct, positive effect on women and their families. Here are five ways looked at in this article  - Invest in Community Development Credit Unions;  Invest in Corporations with Diverse Boards and Leadership;  Use Your Voice and Hold Corporations Accountable;  Support Women-Owned Businesses;  Advocate for Workplace Policy Changes. 

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