How SAP Makes the Business Case for Sustainability

Feb 15, 2013 8:00 AM ET

By Leon Kaye

MIT’s recent study, The Innovation Bottom Line, makes a compelling business case for sustainability. In sum the message of the study is more companies view sustainability as a core business driver–and the results include a culture of innovation and improved brand reputation. The study has some methodological flaws, but overall provides more ammunition to the case that heightened focus on social and environmental issues matters to business.

SAP is one company with a leading record on how the transformation of a business model can not only lead to increased profits but a smaller impact on the earth and local communities. In a telephone interview I had with SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer Peter from his Palo Alto office, he shared with me some of the approaches the company’s 60,000 employees across the globe are changing how this enterprise software giant conducts business.

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