Hubert Connects Candidates to Careers at SAIC

Ashlynn Hubert helps connect job candidates to great careers.
Mar 16, 2021 9:35 AM ET

Hubert started with the company in February 2020 as a contractor in a recruiting coordinator role. Shortly after starting, she began training to be a recruiter and became a full-time SAIC employee in September 2020. While she’s relatively new to the company, what makes Reston, VA-headquartered SAIC a great company to work, she says, is her fellow employees’ open-mindedness.

“I truly was welcomed with open arms,” she points out. “And if you ever have a question, then it’s always answered in a timely manner. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand for sure.” For Hubert, that “helping hand” is graciously welcome as she has Bipolar II Disorder, alongside major depression and “the minor anxiety that comes with the territory,” she shares.

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