Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education Launch New DNA Decoded Resources for Teachers to Help Students Nationwide Learn the Real-World Impacts of Genomics

Oct 4, 2019 9:30 AM ET

‘DNA Decoded’ engages students in digitally immersive curriculum that helps launch them into a new world of possibilities in STEM. The program’s standards-aligned tools make learning the complexity of genes, and how they affect the world around us, exciting and fun. -  Andy Losik, STEM teacher at Hamilton Community Schools in Hamilton, Michigan.

Recent research advancements in the field of genomics have led to amazing new possibilities and treatments for genetic diseases, such as cancer and sickle cell anemia. 

DNA Decoded, an educational program created in partnership with the Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education, recently launched new classroom-ready lessons and activities designed to help educators teach students the real-world applications and impact of genomics. 

The DNA Decoded program introduces students to a new world of lifechanging possibilities in science and genetic sequencing. Developed for educators teaching grades 9–12, the program shows students how advances in research have led to profound changes in the ways doctors and scientists treat diseases.

New DNA Decoded digital lesson bundles and activities, including: Targeting Cancer; Agriculture Revolution; Deep Space Genomics; Race and Medicine and the Secrets of Sequencing; among others; will help young learning explore the ways in which they can see genomics in their everyday lives. 

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