In the Push to Net-Zero, Scope 3 Emissions Are Increasingly on the Radar. Here's Why They Put Companies in a Tricky Spot

By Julius Melnitzer
Mar 31, 2022 11:25 AM ET

Enbridge Inc., the first midstream company to commit to net-zero, has a long history of addressing Scope 3 emissions — those generated not through operations but across the value chain.

“Despite the current limited guidance defining Scope 3 emission parameters for our sector, we have been tracking and reporting on these emissions since 2009,” said Pete Sheffield, the company’s chief sustainability officer, in an email responding to questions from Financial Post. Enbridge currently reports utility customer natural gas usage, employee air travel and electricity grid loss. In 2021, the company added new Scope 3 metrics tracking the emissions intensity of the energy it delivers and the emissions avoided through its investments in renewables, low carbon fuels and conservation programs.

Otherwise, Enbridge is working to clarify the parameters of Scope 3 emissions practices for the midstream sector by collaborating with the Science Based Targets initiative, which helps companies set science-based emissions reduction targets, as well as with other groups.

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