Investing in an Ocean Economy

Sep 20, 2021 10:10 AM ET

by Arturo Tabuenca, founder of Blue Marble Investments and EarthFolio 

How Sustainable Investing and Shareholder Activism Can Save Our Oceans

For much of history, the sheer immensity of our oceans made them appear impervious to man’s presence. But they are not. Since the 1970s, oceans have absorbed an astonishing 90 percent of heat generated from greenhouse gas emissions. While the plight of our oceans is real, there is still reason for hope. This optimism comes from a new generation of activist shareholders dissatisfied with status quo investing and challenging financial institutions to be less passive in their investment selection and more active in engaging the companies they own.

Major financial institutions manage the retirement savings of millions of Americans. Funds managed by these institutions aren’t exclusively owned by the wealthy. They represent the hard-earned savings of a majority of middle-class American’s striving to supplement their retirement, saving for their children’s college education, or simply investing for a rainy day. In spite of Americas’ overwhelmingly desire to own investments that protect the environment, billions of dollars continue to be funneled into oil, coal, and gas by the major financial institutions investors rely on. For years, Wall Street has insisted there is a trade-off between economic prosperity and the well-being of our planet. 

That is a false narrative and here is why - Read Arturo's full article on profitable and impactful ways to be "Investing in the Ocean Economy" here -