Investors & Companies Use Climate Playbook to Scale Action on Water

Roughly half the industries in our economy face significant water risks.
Aug 10, 2020 10:15 AM ET

by Kirsten James, Director of Water at Ceres 

Our research shows that roughly half the industries in our economy face significant water risks. That’s the startling insight we uncovered when we analyzed the sectors represented in the four main U.S. stock indices. These risks, including dwindling water sources, pollution, climate change and increasing competition, affect industries across the board, from agriculture to utilities, apparel to oil and gas.

And yet, most companies still consider their water risk a concern that is siloed in their strategic long-term planning or an anomaly that will right itself. So, how do we break through this disconnect?  At Ceres, we are aggressively applying to the water crisis a similar model that is helping capital markets recognize the urgent and financially material risk businesses face from climate change — mobilizing pivotal institutional investors to shift perceptions.

The sheer scope of the water crisis means that the entire financial system has to get onboard—and act boldly to significantly reduce water impacts. Creating this shift will depend on bringing together a broad group of investors and major companies that recognize the market, financial and reputational risks of water use and management and act to mitigate these risks. 

Read about the plan we are carrying out with investors and companies here 


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