Millennials and Money: A Shared Sense of Destiny

Feb 5, 2020 8:35 AM ET

by Danan Kirby, Thornburg Investment Management 

Following my time in the military and as a regulator with the FDIC, I made my way into financial services in an investment capacity, with an intention to help people navigate their financial challenges. I wanted to help build a better outcome for their financial goals. Part of that was development of a process around investing in companies that support a more sustainable world as a whole, and not just companies that are financially sound.

Including sustainability – ESG – criteria means expanding one’s investment lens when evaluating a potential investment and determining how companies are serving not only the needs of their shareholders, but the other stakeholders of that company: employees, the community and the environment. Given Millennials’ experiences, it is no surprise that they demand ESG analysis be done when evaluating investments.

Today, I work extensively on the integration of ESG throughout our investment process at Thornburg. I focus on detangling the complexities of sustainability issues from an investment angle in order to deepen our understanding of the companies in which we invest. The goal for our organization always has been to serve our clients by helping them build a sustainable financial future for themselves. The work we are doing on ESG integration, along with policy related efforts with the US SIF, are key to helping Millennial investors build a better financial future. 

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