ON Semiconductor’s 2018 Social Responsibility Report Integrates the People, Planet and Profit With the Comprehensive GRI

Jun 19, 2019 4:00 AM ET

June 19, 2019 

ON Semiconductor announces the release of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report, marking the sixth year of this publication. As a testament to the company’s continued commitment to transparency, ON Semiconductor has advanced from incorporating the global reporting initiative (GRI) report core version to comprehensive version for the first time in their corporate social responsibility report.

In the past year, ON Semiconductor was named as one of the World’s Most Ethical companies for the fourth year in a row, listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (North America), joined Forbes Fortune 500 as well as Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies list. The company has invested in new segments and placed significant emphasis on reviewing how the beliefs, assumptions, values and behaviors of ON Semiconductor align with the company’s goals of future growth and a thriving work environment for employees.

In addition to being a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) the company recently affirmed its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact as a signatory and launched a global human rights policy. ON Semiconductor was also a founding member of the CSR Board, a platform to bring together like-minded companies from different industries that are dedicated to being good corporate citizens by making an impact globally with their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs.

Highlights from ON Semiconductor 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility include:

  • Reclaim and recycle: In 2018, approximately 1.1 million kilograms of scrap materials and 822 kilograms of precious metals from the company’s worldwide manufacturing facilities was processed, sorted and sold for reuse. The reclamation of these materials recouped more than $29 million USD.
  • Sustainability savings: With an in-house team dedicated to sustainability excellence, ON Semiconductor has achieved marked successes within the company’s many conservation programs, all of which are vital to the success of our semiconductor device manufacturing business. In 2018, the company saved more than $7 million USD through sustainability projects.
  • Diversity and inclusion: 2018 marked the first year that the company not only tied diversity metrics to the corporate bonus plan but also achieved its target.
  • Volunteerism: The company launched a dollars-for-doers program for employees in North America to further encourage employees to building stronger communities.
  • Community investments: ON Semiconductor invested over $2 million globally with over 50% supporting initiatives that foster greater interest in, aptitude for, and access to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education.

“We remain steadfast in our belief that as the technology industries around us become more competitive, we will continue to place corporate social responsibility at the forefront of how we conduct our business.” said Keith Jackson, President and CEO of ON Semiconductor. “Our corporate social responsibility programs have grown from our core values and continue their climb as we create an innovative organization committed to positively impacting the places where we live and work, while competing in and contributing to the exciting growth of the semiconductor industry.”

Sarah Rockey, Corporate Public Relations

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