PSEG Employees Raise Money for Veterans at Annual Tank Pull

Jul 5, 2019 10:00 AM ET

In an amazing display of strength, PSEG employees participated in the tenth annual Tank Pull competition this past weekend, raising money for veterans.

At the event, competitors in teams of twenty volunteers try to move an 80,000 pound tank mounted on a flatbed truck.

Congratulations once again go to the two PSEG teams for not only participating in the “quick pull” and the “minimum weight pull” events – but also for winning first place in their respective fundraising categories.

The two PSEG teams were the IBEW Local 94 “Pullin’ Badgers” and the “Power Rangers.”

And thanks go to not only the team member volunteers, but also to the team leaders:

  • Jimmy Condon, business agent for Local 94, led the Pullin’ Badgers.
  • Mark Lovretin, chief photographer from LTS - Mechanical Division, led the Power Rangers.

This annual event is hosted by the St. Phillips Knights of Columbus Council, in Clifton, New Jersey. Over the last decade the event has raised close to $1.4 million to benefit wounded veterans.

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