Spotlight on Franz Maikisch: Former Nurse Volunteers to Care for COVID Patients

Aug 26, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Like most of the world, Franz Maikisch watched as the Coronavirus spread from country to country until it arrived in Sweden where he lives.

That’s when his kids asked him, “Dad, why don’t you help?”

Franz, a product manager with STANLEY Interactive Solutions, is also a trained nurse. For years, he worked part time in a hospital ICU.

“Once I got my family’s blessing, I reached out to a local hospital. They were looking for more people with my experience,” he said. “I got the call to help the very next day.”

Although his nursing license had expired, Franz is still able to provide his valuable skills to help monitor COVID-19 patients in the ICU. He’s working nights and weekends while continuing his work with Stanley Black & Decker.

“I help with whatever they need me to do around the COVID-infected patients,” Franz said. “In the ICU, I work with patients on ventilators during a critical time for them. We’re doing everything we can to provide effective care. Some of these patients are staying for an extended stay and they need all the hands they can get.”

Franz says the hospital is keeping workers safe with the necessary personal protection equipment. He also only volunteered to return to nursing after receiving approval from his manager (as a precaution, he is working from home and will isolate himself for two weeks before returning to the office). “It feels great to help,” he said. “I know how much the healthcare personnel are struggling with this outbreak. If my two hands can make a difference for them, it’s worth it.”