Stella McCartney, Christopher Raeburn Among Winners of Inaugural CO10 Sustainability Award

The award aims to connect over 12,000 players in the industry to support and drive sustainability strategies.
Mar 15, 2019 8:30 AM ET

The designer has made his mark in the industry for creating environmentally responsible designs by using deadstock fabrics and reworking them into garments under the brand’s Remade, Reduce and Recycle ethos.

Remade items are produced from fabrics such as military parachutes; Reduced pieces are created from manufacturing waste, and Recycled products from reused plastics.

The designer has just marked his 10th year in business and last year was named global creative director of Timberland. Under his new role, Raeburn will work with Timberland on footwear, apparel and accessories to bring his sustainability ethos into Timberland’s creative strategy and retail spaces.

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