This New HP Laptop Is the First Computer to Use Ocean-Bound Plastic

Just a small bit of the computer is made from recycled bottles picked up from Haiti’s streets and waterways, but it signals the possibility of changing where we get the plastics for our electronics.
Oct 7, 2019 4:20 PM ET


Inside a new notebook computer from HP, one component uses a new material: a blend of ABS, a standard type of plastic in computers, and PET recycled from plastic bottles that could have otherwise ended up in the ocean.

The computer, the HP Elite Dragonfly, uses just a tiny amount of the ocean-bound plastic, recycled from litter collected in Haiti. The material is used in a speaker enclosure that’s made with 5% of the plastic (and 50% recycled plastic in total). But the notebook is the first computer to ever use any ocean-bound plastic at all, and one piece of the company’s larger efforts to make a dent in ocean plastic pollution. 

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