Water and Pandemics

Aug 24, 2020 10:05 AM ET

by Alina Donets, lead portfolio manager and a Vice President with Allianz Global Investors 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much uncertainty to human lives and the global economy, questioning a wide range of established beliefs and predicaments. In this turmoil, the water theme has not remained immune, facing many ambiguities and difficulties but also potential opportunities to be explored. The water industry now needs to consider the resilience of this essential service in the light of future risks while recognizing the importance of water for the well-being of our societies and economies. This article looks at - 

• Assessment of COVID-19 and Water-borne Pathogens 

• Water Quality: Treatment Focus 

• Water Supply: Resilience of Infrastructure 

• Greater Sanitation 

• Quality Monitoring and Automation

• The Outlook: Social and Economic

As the world starts to reopen and we evaluate the “new normal,” water technology and smart water solutions will become even more essential to ensure adequate clean water for all. The societal need for these investments remains, which will result in continued demand despite the uncertain economic future we face.  

Read Ms. Donets full article here - https://greenmoney.com/water-and-pandemics


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