What if There Were More Women in Tech?

Oct 20, 2016 5:40 PM ET

Originally posted on BBC.com

Becky Plummer, senior software engineer, Bloomberg

"The reality is that there is no shortage of innovations pioneered by women - not least the handheld syringe (Letitia Geer), gas central heating (Alice Parker), residential solar heating (Dr Maria Telkes), Kevlar (Stephanie Kwolek), and even the foundations for wi-fi (Hedy Lamarr).

"There is no question that women have brought, and will continue to bring, great innovations to the world we live in. So what would the technology industry - and the world - look like if there were more female developers?

"With more women participating in the tech industry, I think we would (and I hope we will) see more products that focus on increasing the quality of life for the individual.

"It could be as simple as extending a fitness tracker to monitor our reproductive health or prompt us to seek medical treatment. Relatively simple innovations like these could democratise healthcare globally."

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