When it Comes to Divergent Generational Perspectives, Can Compromise Drive Profits?

Feb 10, 2021 8:10 AM ET

by Tami Kesselman, partner, LOHAS Advisors

Many families face an ongoing tension between the decision-maker “Patriarch” perspective and the younger “NextGen” perspective on how to approach investing and whether alpha should have primacy in investment decisions — with social, educational, justice, environmental, and other impact goals being served predominantly philanthropically — or if the two should always be approached as an integrated whole, regardless of asset class.

Whether you are a family member in endless contentious investment committee meetings or a wealth manager attempting to align disparate client priorities, differing intergenerational perspectives frequently create challenges. Oftentimes the gap between prioritizing achieving better financial returns versus prioritizing greater social or environmental impact seems insurmountable. I’m here to tell you: integrating the two perspectives is easier than you realized and probably a better strategy for both alpha and impact than either generation is creating with their tunnel-vision approach. 

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