21 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy, Active and Entertained

The Herbalife Nutrition provides healthy and positive ways to keep your kids engaged
Aug 28, 2020 2:50 PM ET

Kids have a lot of energy, and sometimes it can be hard for parents to come up with original ideas on how to make the most out of it when children are at home. Here are some tips from Jenny Perez, Executive Director of the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation on how to keep kids occupied in a positive way.

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1. Boost your child’s immune system with vitamin C.

Include oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, strawberries, spinach or broccoli in meals and snacks to provide critical sources of Vitamin C, boosting your children’s immune systems!

2. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast.

Create a consistent eating schedule for your kids and avoid skipping breakfast. A healthy breakfast will give your children the essential nutrients they need for a healthy start to their day.

3. Learn a TikTok dance.

Now is the perfect time to learn a dance with your child. Film it; then, post it on Tik Tok! Dancing helps improve cardiorespiratory fitness, builds strong bones, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

4. Build an obstacle course.

Move around your furniture to create an obstacle course in your house or apartment. Add specific mental or physical challenges to keep your kids moving and learning new academic skills.

5. Prepare meals together as a family to encourage healthy eating.

Get the whole family involved in meal planning, preparation and cooking, using this extra time together to teach children about good nutrition and healthy habits.