A Postscript To The Conventions: Nonprofits Are Part Of The Solution

Sep 11, 2012 1:25 PM ET

President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney each addressed the nation’s major challenges in their recent convention speeches. With different perspectives and emphases, the candidates spoke to some or all of these issues: job creation and economic recovery, deficit reduction, education, healthcare, alternative energy development, and the elimination of poverty. In addition to the solutions offered by the candidates, the “third sector”--nonprofit organizations--can be a vital partner to the government and business sectors in achieving success.

Public-private partnerships advance national and global solutions.

Through partnerships between nonprofits, corporations, and government, here and throughout the world, tremendous advances are being made in addressing critical issues. For example, HP is achieving results in the U.S., and abroad as well, through its partnerships with more than sixty NGOs/nonprofits and governments. Another example is the nonprofit Services for the Underserved in New York City and its partnership with JWT New York, BlackRock, the Department for Veterans Affairs, and additional companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to provide housing, counseling, and jobs for U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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