Achieving Zero in the Built Environment

From Healthier Homes to Energy Efficient Office Buildings
Sep 13, 2016 9:15 AM ET

Without a dramatic change in the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated, the world has no chance of adequately addressing climate change...That is how the new September 2016 issue of GreenMoney begins, but it quickly moves to offering solutions from Healthier Homes to more Energy-Efficient Office Buildings. Here are the new articles and an insightful video from architect William McDonough.

Complete Sept 2016 issue - Achieving Zero in the Built Environment
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Individual Articles
• Achieving Zero in the Built Environment 
By Edward Mazria, FAIA, Founder and CEO, Architecture 2030

• Homewise Homes: Engineered to a Higher Standard
By Laura Altomare, Director of Communications and Resource Development, Homewise Inc.

• Living Homes for Healthy Living
by Steve Glenn, founder, LivingHomes and CEO, Plant Prefab

• And VIDEO – Architect William McDonough on "Resource Abundance by Design”


Cliff Feigenbaum, founder and managing editor
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