Announcing Wave VIII of the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Responsible Business in Continued Crisis

Jul 17, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Today, the United States finds itself in uncharted territory. While many states are in various stages of reopening, the virus surges to new heights across the south and west. This, combined with continued social unrest and economic uncertainty, places business in an increasingly precarious situation.

To continue fueling our clients and partners with the need-to-know insights, we announce the latest piece of Porter Novelli research – the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Wave VIII. As COVID-19 keeps its grip on the United States, we again benchmark American expectations of companies – as well as their role in abating this crisis.

The Tracker finds the need for responsible business has never been more critical. Without clear government guidelines, employees, consumers and the full range of relevant stakeholders look to companies to make the right call. Americans not only expect companies to play a leading role in fighting COVID-19, but also reimagine what our “new normal” will look like.

This latest wave of our Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker drives home one key theme: the time for business to respond is now. Americans are looking for solutions – ones that are better, faster and infused with humanity – and recognize business ingenuity can bring these to bear.