Beyond the Social Media Basics: Sustainability Communications on YouTube, Google +, and Foursquare

Taiga Company blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Mar 9, 2012 12:10 PM ET



image: YouTube for greenNearly every business is on Facebook and Twitter, but other social media platforms are often overlooked as a means to communicate business sustainability initiatives, reporting, and successes.  

Exploring the benefits of using YouTube for sustainability related content, the post, CSR on YouTube – Why Web Video Needs to Be Part of Your Social Strategy, shares, "there are many ways that sustainability enthusiasts use online video, and if you’re not on YouTube already, you’re missing a big part of the conversation. Industry professionals highlight corporate sustainability programs.  Consumers upload product reviews and search for eco-friendly how-tos and DIYs.  And while there is one hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second, there’s still much less competition for strategic keywords. On Google, for example, the term “Sustainability Consultant” returns 1.86 million web pages, but only 9,000 video hits. Similarly, “Corporate Social Responsibility” returns 130 million web pages, but only 230 thousand videos. The bottom line is, online video is the easiest way to be competitive in search." 

Additionally, ever since its launch, Google+ has received a tremendous amount of attention in the social media world. While there is confusion as to its place among Facebook and Twitter, it is a new, unique platform in its own right. Regardless of what you think of Google+, it's best not to be ignored; the integration with Google search alone makes it an important channel to consider in your social media engagement for sustainability and CSR.  

Finally, if you haven't heard of Foursquare, then you might want to familiarize yourself with it and GreenSquare.  Both are like a combination of micro-blogging (like Twitter), and GPS geocaching (finding places) and you can use the programs to highlight eco awareness to your friends, colleagues, and community.   Basically, by using your smartphone, you 'check in' with the Foursquare website, publish your physical location, and write a quick review about the restaurant or pub or coffee shop you are visiting. Foursquare and Greensquare can be components of a social media marketing strategy assisting to spread the good word of local green businesses, non profits, and green events.  By checking in at sustainable businesses offering green products and services, you are putting those businesses on the map (including your own), introducing those businesses to other like minded sustainability professionals, as well as supporting for these businesses with your financial dollar.

If this blog entry whetted your appetite for more information about how sustainability professionals can use social media to grow their business, you may be interested in our 8-week, self-guided, online course called Social Media for Sustainability Professionals. It includes an entire section devoted to blogging, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more!